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On Friday, my first video work premiered as part of the online exhibition "Our Voices. Our Land. Artists Unite to Save Gozo!". The organiser was Malta ARCH, an association of archaeologists at the University of Malta. The presentation addresses the exuberant construction projects that are driven by profit. At least this development has generated civic engagement - also from me, as you can see in this 2 min. video.

About the title "When Qala Looks like Qawra.... You Don't Need to Go THE EXTRA MILE": Qala is the name of a picturesque village in Gozo, while Qawra is an obstructed Maltese seaside resort that even estate agents refer to as a ghetto. The advertising slogan of the tourism association VisitGozo is "Go the extra mile" (meaning: take the 25-minute Gozo ferry). The sound carpet comes from this Gozo ferry "Ta' Pinu". Ta' Pinu, by the way, is an important Marian shrine, a "National Shrine".

You can watch the video here: